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The Travel Book – Musée Océanographique, Monaco

It is a place that is known as millionaires paradise and where everyone goes for the racing but when you visit Monaco, you may be looking for something a bit different to the norm. Well, if you are then you should head to the older part of town and visit the Musée Océanographique.

If you are a fan of the deep blue sea and the creatures that lie below it, you may love this place or find it very unusual. It is part a zoo for the aquatic life (aquarium) and part a museum of Marine World Curiosities. The museum was opened in 1910 by Prince Albert.


The museum is situated in a very unique location, on the side of the mythical Rock of Monaco and has been there for over a century. The museum can have up to 650,000 visitors in a year – so it is not hard to see why it is still open.

The aquarium part of the Museum has a number of sea animals including jellyfish, turtles, lobsters, sharks and even rays. The museum part of the attraction has a variety of objects including model ships, sea animal skeletons, weapons, tools and even pearls.


The museum is also is home to exhibitions that are held for a limited go at a time. Recent exhibitions have included a virtual reality look at the sea bed, meeting creatures like the starfish and much more.

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