The Travel Book

The Travel Book – Hengistbury Head, Dorset

It is a place that dates back to the stone age but it is also a place that is wonderful these days to go for a walk on a summers day to absorb the beautiful coastline around. Hengistbury Head is situated in Dorset, near Christchurch and between Bournemouth and Mudeford Quays. It is a Nature Reserve that is also important to archaeology as it has played a key part in history.

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Hengistbury Head is owned by Bournemouth Borough Council and the aim of the area is to conserve and enhance the environment of the area. It is part of the Dorset Heaths and is a protected area.

The area is a very popular tourist attraction for people who love to walk and in the last ten years, the pathways have been resurfaced so that they are acccessible to everyone including wheelchair users. There is a cafe at the bottom, access to coastal walks and even a visitors centre.

I used to live in Bournemouth and this is one of my favourite areas, it is so pretty, it has some great walks and the views of Mudeford Quays are wonderful. On a bright sunny day, you can really see for miles along the coastline.

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