Question Roulette

Question Roulette – Favourite Smells, Convincing and Lightning

Three years ago i bought a book in Tampa which is meant to be a great for creative like minds and for the past three years I have made it my New Years Resolution to complete it. The book is called 642 Things To Write About by The San Francisco Writers Grotto. I never got round to writing many of them so what’s a better way then getting through them then writing a few as an article each week! Enjoy!

360. Write from this quote from Claude Lèvi-Strauss, “I am the place in which something has occurred.”
Every place we walk, every piece of land we tread on has a history, a story to tell. We are always a place something occurred because nothing occurs nowhere.
361. You’re an email scammer. Write an email that will convince the recipient to send you $200.
To help save all the Animals in the world just click below to post only $200 otherwise you will be spammed with this dog photo on the hour.
362. A person is standing on a soap box in the park yelling at passersby. What’s going on?
They have a point about a particular topic and are telling people who want to listen all about it.
363. The smell of a place you love
364. What you ate for breakfast?
Yoghurt fat free, granola and honey.
365. Pregnant and lost
Must be stressful
366. Getting hit by lightning
I’ve met someone who has been hit by lightning and they have a really pretty scar from it but it also shows the dangers.

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