The Games That Time Forgot – Pokémon Stadium, Nintendo 64

In modern day society everyone is obsessed with Pokémon Go but before then there were an array of games that were dedicated to the world of them – today we look at a fighting game that was released in 1998 for the Nintendo 64 – Pokémon stadium.


This is a game that followed the computers games Pokémon Blue and Red where you went on a quest to collect all the different species In the world. This game uses the same characters but is not a quest instead it’s all about fighting.

The game is based in a stadium and it is all about fighting other Pokemon trainers. In total there are four cups to fight in and eighty battles to go up against. There is also a part where you can go up to the Gym Leader Castle and fight against one of the eight Leaders to try and win the trophy.

The game revived a lot of mixed reviews but predominantly they were quite positive. People praised it for its special effects and 3Dmodels and said it was a must have for all Pokemon fans.

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