The Travel Book

The Travel Book – Pico De Arrieiro, Madeira

When you go on holiday, you want to visit the sites that will leave you breathless and also with long lasting memories – well, if you happen to visit the island of Madeira anytime soon, then one place that you must organise a trip to is Pico De Arrieiro.

Pico De Arrieiro is situated in the North East of the Island and is the third highest peak on the island standing at 5,966 ft. It is one of those places that you need to drive to, however if you do not drive a lot of tourist offices around the island offer excursions to visit it.


So why should you spend the money or the time heading to a really tall place on an island that already has great views at every turn? Well I am going to be boring and start off with the fact you DO get amazing views from the top. It is absolutely stunning the views that you see from the Pico De Arieiro and it feels like you are walking among the heavens, so to speak. When we visited it was a sunny day but quite cloudy so we could not see the neighbouring island, Porto Santo, however I quite liked that fact. I liked that you could only see clouds and mountain tops because it made you feel alone in the world and that you really were as high as you were.


There is an area that has a walk around on of the small peaks – this is easy to do as I walked it pretty safely but please remember that you are up exceedingly high and to take care.

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