Taste Of States – This Week – Koolickles

Welcome To Taste of States – now you may notice that we do not have John Egan’s name in the header for this week, well from now on there is going to be a remix on this set of articles. From now on – we are going to mix it up so that you get not just John Egan videos but also explore the world of other American Snacks and delicacies. John Egan reviews will return very soon when he is back on the reviewing wagon but until then, we are  going to delve into the other Taste of States. So all you fans of John, never fear, he will return!

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Are you a fan of pickles, or rather gherkins if you are from the UK? Well today I am going to introduce you to something that you may not of heard of before – Koolickles. Pickles come in all sorts of variations and can be flavoured in a different variety of pickled juices but this variety is soaked in the drink Kool Aid.

The snack is something that comes straight out of the Southern States of America, records state that they originate from Delta. There is no direct history as to how they were discovered but there is records that show they popped up around the time Bill Clinton became president.

Whilst they are enjoyed predominantly by children there is becoming an adult interest in the snack as well. The pickles are soaked in a mixture of Kool-aid and Pickling brine, they are sort of known as ‘candied pickles’ as well.

The flavour of these flavoured pickles are meant to be sour sweet and there are reports that they are sold in a variety of flavours including cherry, tropical fruit and strawberry. There are many recipes online if you fancy trying them!

My opinion

I have read a lot abut Koolickes over the past week and some of the articles are really interesting to read about how they are eaten and came about in the South of Northern America. The fact that they are selled in schools I find pretty fascinating and all I can think of is Jamie Oliver having a heart attack reading about the amount of sugar that kids eat in school.

I am not sure if I would want to try Koolickles, I love gherkins and the pickles that you get when you order a good burger in America as they are really tasty but the thought of having them with a really strong sweetness? No thank you!








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