The Games That Time Forgot – March of The Penguins, Game Boy Advance

51DKTFGFA0L._AC_SX215_It is a common trend for games to be inspired or created off the back of films. however it is not everyday that you are welcomed with a computer game that has been inspired by a documentary film. Well, there was a time when penguins rocked at the box office and it was all due to this documentary, The March of The Penguins. This was a game that was made for Game Boy Advance.

In this computer game, you follow similar steps to what the film does and follow the penguins on their journey of migration, searching for food and looking after their young penguins. In the computer game, you have to solve a number of puzzles and mazes to help the penguins through their adventure.

The game is aimed at children however the game was criticised because of the fact that the puzzles weer too hard for children to solve so it needed adults to help. The game follows a similar gaming patter to the classic game Lemmings, that the penguins are always going in one direction and you have to alter the paths of them by moving objects in the way of them.

The game was criticised for its graphics, audio and it’s lack of creativity meaning that it was welcomed with negative reviews.

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