Game show Vs The Comedian

Game Shows Vs The Comedian – Was It Something I Said

Comedians may be huge in the world of travel but they are also huge at being casted as the hosts of gameshows. So welcome to a feature that is going to look at these shows in depth.

Whether they have been going for years, a week or got cancelled we have got them all. Welcome to the world of game shows. This week we look at a gameshow that only aired for one season – Was It Something I Said?

Channel – Channel 4
First Aired –  6th October 2013
Hosted by Comedians –  David Mitchell
Series – 1
Summary Of Show –  The gameshow is all about the world of quotes. The panel had to guess in a round of games what quotes were said by certain people.

About the Show 

The quote based gameshow was created as a format inspired by the website Quotable and was commissioned in collaboration with the Arts Council England. It also had part of the show that was envisioned by Twitter where audiences could get involved as well.

The show was made up of a variety of rounds which were called Threesomes (where you had to guess which of the three celebrities said the quote) Key Words (where only certain words were given of a quote) What Are They Talking About? ( a quote thats shown completely out of context and have to guess what its about) and Was It Something I Said?

The Team Captains were Richard Ayoade and Mickey Flannagin. The show only ran between October and November of that year and never returned to the screens.


Episode 1

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