Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Vanessa White

Sometimes when you are part of one of the biggest girl groups in the country, it can be really hard to transition the same success into a solo career. Some musicians are very lucky and some sadly are not so much. The Saturdays had huge success in the UK however, some of the solo artists that came out of it did not have the same impact. Today we look at the solo music career of Vanessa White.

The Saturdays broke up in 2014 after 7 years of being a band together, near the end of September 2015, Vanessa released her first solo track called Relationship Goals this was not the first single though, this was a track that was to debut the style of music that was set to be released on the album.

Her first official single was called Don’t Want To Be Your Lover and it was released in November. There is no information online as to whether it charted. The next single was called Nostalgia and was released in January 2016.  The album that was originally teased with the first song had never come to light.

In the year of 2016 Vanessa did however release an EP called Chapter one that included two unheard songs and also was the home of the next promotional single Lipstick Kisses. Chapter Two was released in 2017 and was welcomed with the new single Low key that was released in 2016. The other two singles that came off the EP called Good Good and Running Wild.

So lets have a look at the music of Vanessa today!

Relationship Girls


Don’t Want To Be Your Lover




Lipstick Kisees



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