Game Shows Vs The Comedian – Distraction

Comedians may be huge in the world of travel but they are also huge at being casted as the hosts of gameshows. So welcome to a feature that is going to look at these shows in depth.

Whether they have been going for years, a week or got cancelled we have got them all. Welcome to the world of game shows. This week we look at a gameshow that is definitely one of the most bizarre, painful and humiliating ones that you will ever see – Distraction


Channel – Channel 4
First Aired –  31st October 2003
Hosted by Comedians –  Jimmy Carr
Series – 2
Summary Of Show –  Contestants have to answer a number of questions by ignoring and fighting through a number of painful, humiliating and emotional tasks pitted at them.

About the Show 

Back in 2003 there was a show on Channel 4 that was unlike no other and that was a game show called Distraction. In each episode four contestants would go head to head to compete for a grand prize. Before the quiz even starts its all about humiliation with Jimmy Carr asking contestants some of the most embarrassing questions about themselves.

Each of the rounds are shocking and also in some ways pretty disgusting as a lot of the things that they are pitted against are ways to press a buzzer – some of the things contestants have had to do to buzz in to a round include – placing something disgusting in their mouth like a snail when they get a correct answer, being shot by a paintball gun when they get an answer wrong, being shocked with a dog collar and many many more.

Whoever gets to the final round then is faced with another round of horror – they could be playing to win anything such as a car to money and every question they get wrong they have to damage their prize. So for example if the prize is a car and they get a question wrong, then they have to break the car window / mirrors etc.

My Opinion
I remember watching this when I was younger and wondering why the hell people would go on this gameshow. To be honest, I didn’t really watch it for the contestants I watched it to laugh with Jimmy Carr as he was so mean to them.

This was one of the first things I remember Carr being on and because of his dry humour and sarcasm I ended up liking him. The best part of this show was the final round when they damaged their own prize. It was a lot of fun to watch.



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