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Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Rachel Stevens

On this feature we always talk about musicians that had a career then disappeared into the lost music files of pop but what if instead of that you end up being in one of the biggest pop groups in the UK and decide to go solo and have one of the best solo careers out of the group you left behind. Today we look at the solo music career of Rachel Stevens.

In 2003 after the disperse of S Club 7, Rachel signed a contract of £1.5 million with Polydor Records which entailed that she would release four albums. She only ever released two albums though.

Her first album was called Funky Dory and it was released in September of 2003, the first single to be released off of the track was called ‘Sweet Dreams My LA Ex’ and it reached number 2 in the UK. There were three more songs that were released off of the album including ‘Funky Dory (which reached number 26), Some Girls (Number 2) and More More More (number 3). The album did very well and sold 350,000 copies worlwide and was certified Gold Status

In 2005, Rachel Stevens released her second album Come And Get It and was welcomed with a lot of great reviews from the critics. There was a number of singles also off this album as well but they did not chart as well as the ones off the debut, they were called Negotiate With Love (number 10), So Good (Number 10) and I Said Never Again (But Here We Are) (charting at number 12). So lets spend today reminiscing about someone who used to be the princess of pop.

Sweet Dreams My LA Ex

Funky Dory

Some Girls

So Good

I Said Never Again



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