Welcome To Comedy Festival Month

It is our favourite time of the year here on The Phoenix Remix – comedy festival month! This year we have gone bigger and better than ever before and really bringing you a great selection of what you should try and see in festival month.

The majority of this month we are focusing on one of the biggest comedy festivals in the world – Edinburgh Fringe. I have been able to interview over twenty acts heading up to the festival including everything from improv, stand up, magic and theatre!

As well as interviews, we are also going to give you our choice of comedians that you should be making time to go and see perform this year!

Now, whilst we are predominantly focused on Edinburgh Fringe this month we also have a few other interviews dotted in between of other festivals that are this month including Zeal the pride improv festival and an act performing Stateside at the Edmonton  Fringe Festival.

So this year is going to be a jammed packed July and we hope you enjoy all the content and it gets you ready for the up and coming Festivals.

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