The Games That Time Forgot – Alcatraz Harry, ZX Spectrum

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 18.05.41For todays game we are heading all the way back to the early eighties to a time when there was a computer platform called a ZX Spectrum and there was a lot of side view platform action based games. Welcome to 1984 and the world of Alcatraz Harry.

Alcatraz Harry was Published by Mastertronic Ltd and the author was Scorpio Gamesworld Ltd. It was a game based on the ideology of a maze. When the game was first released it was only £1.99 to buy from the stores. It was also like many games back in the eighties on a cassette.

The story centred around a Prisoner called Harry who is trying to escape from prison camp. The aim of the game is to play as this character and help him escape by stealing equipment, secret files and avoiding patrol guards to exit the number of mazes that are set out in front of you.All in all, the game has 144 different locations for the player to solve.

I have posted a youtube video by Retro Brothers below so you can see just how simple the graphics were in regards to todays games. Also make sure you have the audio up to listen to the 8bit audio


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  1. The author of this was a friend of mine who I wrote several games with, Barry Jones. We did also write games for Scorpio games world.


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