Off The Record – David Guetta

Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the album first! Today we talk about an artist that is guaranteed to get you in the mood for summer  – David Guetta

Can’t U Feel The Change – Just  A Little More Love album 

This song has a very repetitive beat to it which was very popular in the early noughties when this album was released. It has a feel of electronica to it and when the beat starts to drop a bit heavier it is a very catchy little album track.

Distortion –  Just  A Little More Love album 

A lot of these songs have a sense of narrative at the beginning I think to connote how David Guetta works as a DJ. This also creates a very rough and dirty version of all the songs on the track but this isn’t a bad thing this is actually a fun and unique thing of the album. This song has a very catchy beat once it gets properlly started.

Open Your Eyes – Guetta Blaster album

This song has a heavy beat which makes it a stand alone album track as it is really unique and has a sort of ripple that vibrates between both headphones or speakers throughout. Whilst the lyrics may not be the best you have ever heard, the dirty bass is why you need to listen to this song.

Movement Girl – Guetta Blaster album

This song has a very catchy rhythm and true to the name of this song it feels sort of sexy as well. With the hushed lyrics and electronic undertones that come in through the song it makes it a fun album track that may make you summer days a bit more spicy.

Winner of The Game (feat JD Davis) – Pop Life album

This song and whole album has a completely new and fresh take to dance music if you compare it to the other two albums we have already discussed. This is a very good album track whilst it still has a sense of the electronic melodies throughout it is teamed up with a sense of new sounds that the old albums do not have.

Joan of Arc (feat, Thailand) – Pop Life album

The name of this album really defines the type of music on this album – whilst it is still genre specific to dance it definitely has a more commercial feel to it and this is one of those songs that is worth recognising as it is a fun song. It has a sort of ‘bubble effect’ throughout the song that makes it unique and very different.

On The Dancefloor (feat Will.I.Am and – One More Love album

It wouldn’t be a dance album without an appearance at some point by Will.I.Am this is a very good album track that it is surprising that it wasn’t officially a single. It has a very popular beat to it that was very in fashion at the time of this albums release and you may hear other popular songs from the time sort of echoed metaphorically. Just a good dance record.

I Just Wanna F (featuring Timbaland and Dev ) – Nothing But The Beat 2.0 album

When this album was released it was complete and utter rule to have Timbaland to appear on a dance track, well it wasn’t, but if you look at a lot of songs released around this time there are so many that featured him and this song has that very Timbaland style melded into the world of David Guetta. It is one of those tracks you like one minute and may not be a fan of the next because the melody is very repetitive in a not so good way.

Toy Story – Nothing But The Beat 2.0 album

This is a very fun album track that is just pure music with no lyrics and that is really refreshing as it is just a very fun song. It has an element to it that makes you think it deserves in a computer game but it oozes of summer. Worth a listen.

The Whisperer (feat Sia) – Listen album

This song starts off very different to any other David Guetta song as there is a classical piano playing at the beginning that highlights the voice of Sia. There is no dance beats in this song what so ever, instead its all calm orchestral music which initially takes you by surprise on an album like this but it is a very pretty song that is worth a listen.

Rise (feat Skyler Grey) -Listen album

This is a very unique and is one that should definitely be noted as something that you should listen to as it is very stylish in its beat and melodies throughout. It has a very fun and fresh beat to it that intertwines between the piano melodies, a very good song for summer.

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