We have looked at many of the shows that Michael Palin and today we look at one of his most well known. Sahara was a television show that aired in 2002 and was a four part series that aired on the BBC. The show saw Palin travel across different areas of the Sahara.

Throughout the show Michael Palin journeyed through a number of different countries and territories such as Gilbralter, Niger, Libya and Algeria. The show ran for four episodes and each of these was 50 minutes long. The trip last three months and in that time Palin and the crew travelled 10,000 miles.

Throughout the show Palin does a number of different activities to find out more about the area including finding out the old fashioned way to dye leather, experience a courtship dance, visiting an oasis and raising water from a deep well just to name a few.

Just like all of Michael Palins shows there was also a book released to run alongside the show with more information and exclusive photos.