What a week!

We have a full wonderful week of all things improv coming! Such an exciting weekend we have prepared for you!

Deanna Fleysher, clown extraordinaire is in town, performing at the London Clown Festival, and teaching a workshop with us! All about being vulnerable and letting your audience in on it, while making your scenes more active and exciting! And guess what? There are still a few tickets available! GET THEM here.

Shem Pennant will be around this weekend and taking over our Casual Sets! He’s coming to teach you how to be great! After a year in America he comes to teach you how to live your best life on stage. He says this class will be pure fire. Shem is a writer/performer trained at the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York and has performed with Take It Personal, Tag City and other shows he has absolutely no business being in. He also writes for Sketch Cram and is a video director for Unsung Heroes. Armando Diaz said he was “off the chain hilarious” so he’s probably ok to take a 2 hour free workshop with. RESERVE YOUR SPOT here.

And as every Sunday, C3Sundays is here for you. From 7PM, come see Margaret!, Monkey Toast trained team and Swords & Guns, fun twoprov composed of Ludmila Bogatcheck and Dan Attfield. C3? are preparing a few surprises!
Our Late Night Special this month is Understudied. One of our favourites, where a professional actor plays a prepared script, with an improviser who has no knowledge of what the hell is going on! This week, we’re twisting them, and all will be doing a musical! RESERVE A SPOT here.

And if this isn’t enough for you and you miss us already, we’re at Duck Duck Goose tonight and would love to see you!

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