The Travel Book – Precinct Pizza, Tampa, Florida

When you are on holiday especially in America you want to find a place that provides good comfort food like pizza and let’s be honest the States is a great place to find restaurants that offer amazing cheesey goodness. When in Tampa we came across a place that has two restaurants in two different areas of the city and has been known to be “one of the best pizzerias in the country” – and was also listed in 2015 as the busiest independent pizzaeria in Floria. Today we look at Precinct Pizza.


Precinct Pizza is located in Tampa Channelside near the cruise ship port and Cross Creek Boulevard. The whole restaurant is based on the theme of police cops and outside the one we went to at Channelside it has a cop car with the logo outside. The theme does not just stick to the outside it also is police themed inside as well with the logo of the restaurant being a police badge calling it ‘Emergency Pizza Services, State of Hunger.’


The menu has a lot to offer and because it prides itself on real New York style Pizza you can have pizza, calzones and rolls. The establishment also offers things such as burgers, hero ciabatta subs, salads and pasta.

I went to Precinct Pizza in 2013 and we went in because we were really hungry and it seemed ok. We were a bit jubious about going in because it was very highly themed and usually in the UK that is signs of alarm bells of a place not being very good.


I can’t remember that much about our time there but we did have pizza and I remember it being ok but nothing special. I have been to many different areas of the states and I have had personally for me better pizza however that doesn’t mean this is a bad place. It came across as friendly and is somewhere you should check out if you are in Tampa.


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