Question Roulette – The Sound of Silence and Living In A Shop….

Three years ago i bought a book in Tampa which is meant to be a great for creative like minds and for the past three years I have made it my New Years Resolution to complete it. The book is called 642 Things To Write About by The San Francisco Writers Grotto. I never got round to writing many of them so what’s a better way then getting through them then writing a few as an article each week! Enjoy!

278. Write a single paragraph that conveys a lot about a characters life. Think about how this can be achieved with voice and rhythm and repetition.

I can’t. Believe. The time hath arrived,

My planning. Has worked. Doth well!

I mean. Of course it did. With a mind like mine,

How could. Such a plan-it’s fail!


I am smart, intelligent and rule it all,

And now they are. locked up inside,

I now own all their expensive jewels,

They can’t do anything. Even Hide…


279. What is the sound of silence and when did you last hear it? What was missing?

Silence is something that is eery. It is when the world is dead, there so no noise, nothing around you makes any sound. It can be scary, it can be peaceful, it can be lonely.

280. You have been evicted from your home, but rather than live on the street you go to IKEA. At night you hide in the bathroom until the janitor leaves. Write about your life.

The store is closed-I am alone! First thing first – explore all the display rooms – due to the long walk around I will head to the cafe at the front first and get some provisions such as drinks, snacks etc.

I then go to the living rooms and choose one I like that has a comfy sofa and head to the bedroom department to get blankets and a pillow.

I then heard back to the living room with the snacks in and chill out, watch a movie and fall asleep.

Later when the shops is due to open and the staff arrive I will head to the shop area in the the warehouse and hide.

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