Travel vs The Comedian – World’s Most Dangerous Roads

Today we look at a television show that isn’t just about travel it is also about the roads we take to get there – no this is not a show that is going to change your life but it is going to open your eyes about some of the World’s Most Dangerous Roads.

The show which is a called World’s Most Dangerous Roads first aired on the BBC in 2011 on BBC Two. The show is about two celebrities travelling in a 4X4 vehicle along some of the roads most dangerous routes.

The show had three seasons in total with a total of 9 episodes overall. Now, you may wonder why this show would be in an feature about Comedians – well every single epsiode myaybe bar the odd couple had a comedian as one of the celebrities (maybe to create a bit of humour on the way?).


Credit: BBC

Here is a list of all the celebrities and the routes they take in each episode:


Episode 1 – Sue Perkins and Charley Boorman in Alaska

Episode 2 – Rhod Gilbert and Greg Davies in Nepal

Episode 3 – Ben Fogle and Hugh Dennies in Peru


Episode 1 – Ed Byrne and Andy Parsons in Siberia

Episode 2 – Sue Perkins and Liza Tarbuck in Ho Chi Minh Trail

Episode 3 – Hugh Dennis and David Baddiel in Ethopia


Episode 1 – Angus Deayton and Mariella Frostrup in Madagascar

Episode 2 – Hugh Boneville and Jessica Hynes in Georgia

Episode 3 – Phill Jupitus and Marcus Brigstocke in Boliva

The show was produced by the company Renegade Pictures and ran until 2013. The travel documentary did quite well and has an average review rating of 70% online for positive reviews. The show was narrated by Adrian Dunbar throughout all the seasons.

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