Podcast Month – One Episode Review – Swipe Left, Swipe Left

This month we are trying to welcome you to a whole new batch of podcasts that you may not of heard of, got round to listen to or didn’t know they even existed! Well, I personally love podcast’s but a lot of the time I don’t have that much time to listen to something new. So as part of Podcast month, I am delving into the podcast’s I haven’t listened to yet and giving you my honest first response to listening to one of the episodes

Swipe Left, Swipe Left Podcast

Episode Reviewed – You Bloody Lefty / The Trilogy of Ella

I had to listen to two episodes of this podcast because I was so up in arms if I liked it – it has a very weird feeling from get go that I wasn’t sure if I liked it and to be honest, I am still not sure what to make of it.

From the beginning, the concept seemed like an interesting idea – people discussing things that go wrong on first dates / unexpected relationship journeys etc from the general synopsis I was intrigued to see what is was going to be like. I have never been a fan of online dating so hearing horror stories or things that have happened sounded like an interesting blend to me.

However, sadly to me the podcast did not live up to expectations instead it has a very unusual use of sound to it. The way that the people talk make it feel a bit bizarre and the sound effects that intertwine in the stories just personally to me don’t work right.

The introduction by the Hosts have a creepy welcome vibe to it and whilst it may be the angle in which they are aiming for it doesn’t for me work.

The two episodes that i listened to had two completely different stories and whilst they are probably true the way they are presented feel cringeworthy and whilst that may be the point it still feels like it could of been presented differently. I hope the people who are the main subjects of the stories don’t ever hear them – even though the names have been changed it’s not something you would want to come across.

Saying that, I think that the best thing that you can do is listen to it and make your own mind up. Whilst it didn’t mix well with me, you may enjoy it and the way that it’s created and people like The Guardian have given it racing reviews.

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