Love To Laugh Month – The Best Improv Shows about Love

This month there is a lot of comedy that are playing all around the UK with the theme of Valentines day! So, here at The Phoenix Remix, we want to make things easy for you and to make a decision as to what ones to go to by giving you a taste as to show that are on! We will be telling you all about the best stand up shows that are all about the language of love at some point but today we are going to focus on the world of Improv. So, to get you in the comedic theme of love, here are our choices for love and valentines themed show you should try and see over the next few weeks.

Hoopla’s Valentines Special: Blind Date with a Twist 

blind date and music box 16th feb

Date: 16th February

Time: 8pm

Price: £5

Location: The Miller, London Bridge

Whilst Music Box are also performing this night, we spoke to Angela from Blind Date with a Twist to find out all about the show:

“Sandy (Leanna Wigginton) and Danni (Angela Pollard) are professional love gurus all the way from the USA. They are here to share their knowledge and empower you with their professional matchmaking skills through a series of challenges and forfeits, giving one lucky couple the opportunity to meet the person of their dreams and have a happy ending! …”

Spontaneous Wrecks : Brokeback Improv


Date: 7th February

Time: 7:30pm

Price: 2 for £5

Location: The Bridge Hotel, Newcastle Upon Tyne

We caught up with Casey from the troupe to find out just what the gang have in store:

“We’re different to other shows generally in that we try and take a theme in unexpected directions. And when we combine a fun theme with the random audience suggestions we never know where we will end up!”

For More Information:

FB Event:


Fat Penguin Improv


Date: 15th February

Time: 7:30pm

Price: Free

Location: Patrick Kavanagh Pub, Moseley, Birmingham

We caught up with Ben to find out just what Fan Penguin have in store for audiences:

On 15th Feb we have a standup coming as usual, this time he will do some valentines related material. Instead of interviewing him, we will interview the audience for a story about a date they went on. Scenes inspired by stories will follow, normally we throw in some clowning, the format is very loose.

For More Information:

FB event:

20% Less: Word of Muff


Date: 14th February

Time: 8pm

Price: Free

Location:  The Miller Pub, London Bridge

Mariana from  20% less told us all about what the girls have in store for you:

Join us at our February #WordOfMuff on the 14th for a Valentine’s Day themed show where we’ll get down to the nitty and gritty of it all! Love is great, but not always clean and pink like rom coms make you believe and our show will attempt to show exactly that! Expect a show filled with awkward dating and sex stories brought to you by talented female comedians!

For More Information:

FB event:


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