Love To Laugh Month – Some of the Best Jokes About Love Part 1

If there is one thing that is a common trend in stand up comedy then it is peoples experiences in the world of love and relationships. Some stand up comedians core source of comedy comes from the world of well, their own and usually exaggerated stories of past relationships, current relationships or break ups. There are so many great stand up routines about this subject, that we thought we would do a couple of articles to celebrate them! So welcome to the first of a few articles about the best relationship routines.

Rhod Gilbert – Toothbrush

Rhod Gilbert has some of the best stand up routines about relationships as he always delivers them in such a unique way. This particular story he told on a Christmas Comedy Roadshow about the toothbrush was one that made many audiences laugh. It also was discussed on the BBC Wales Rhod Gilbert Radio show that the show at The Apollo lead to him loosing the actual box because someone stole it that he had to go and buy another toothbrush just for the box.

John Robins – Break ups and True Love

Last year John Robins won the Edinburgh Fringe Festival due to his unique show in which he approached a recent break up with his ex Sara Pascoe. No-one approaches break ups like John Robins. Or in that matter relationships, whilst this clip is not from his most recent show, it is really a great way John approaches the motion of true love in his dark style.

Sara Pascoe – Thoughts On Relationships

If there is one person who is great at doing stand up (or even writing a book for that matter) and she approaches her relationship stand up with a very personal approach. Whilst her stand up relates to her personal life she also makes it very relatable to everyone.

Dane Cook – One Night Stand

Dane Cook is a comedian who is not a comedian who will shy away from certain topics when it comes to relationships – instead he will dive in and go right to the dark depths and in detail.

Lee Evans – When Cars Break Down

If you go to any Lee Evans stand up show it will be evident to you how much he adores and loves his family. However, in true comedian style, he used to do a segment in every show that was all about his wife. He always says at the end of shows that he obviously exaggerates everything and really adores her but that does not mean that it isn’t completely hilarious to watch.

Tim Minchin – If You Really Loved Me

If there is one comedian that is really good at doing a completely different twist on the world of romance is the ever so talented Tim Minchin. This is definitely a song that you will enjoy.

Joel Dommett – Dealing With Being Newly Single

He is one of the biggest names now in the UK Comedy circuit since winning I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. His stand up routine is all about the world of dating and he explores many different areas. Here is just a hint of what to expect.

Chris Ramsey – When A Girlfriend Thinks Your Going To Propose

Chris Ramsey is another comedian who is great at telling jokes about the world of relationships. This story is all about his friend proposing and the stories and craziness that entail.

Joe Lycett – Relationships

If you are looking for a comedian that is going to provide you with a unique spin and fun way of any topic then Joe Lycett is the man that you need to watch. His delivery is always timeless and guranteed a laugh.

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