INTERVIEW – Forgotton Pop Special – The Moffatts

This week we have a very special edition of Forgotten Pop for you! A few weeks ago, we did a feature about the nineties band The Moffatts. Well, the boys have reunited and have released a brand new single called Secrets. Due to that said article, I ended up making contact with the band and found out more about their new music.
Hello Moffatts! To those who may not of known you the first time around, can you please introduce yourself to our readers!
I’m Dave Moffatt, I play keyboard. I’m Scott and I play guitar. I’m Clint and I play bass. And I’m Bob, I play the drums. We are a Canadian band consisting of brothers that started singing at a the ages of 3 and 4. We started singing country music and them moved to pop/rock music. Now we are a little bit of pop, rock and country.
What is the best thing about being back and releasing new music?
Being able to reconnect with our fans has been very cool. Considering that we haven’t made music together in 18 years, it’s been nice to come together and create music we all enjoy.
Your new single is called Secrets – tell us about how it came to be your first single?
We wanted to come back with a bang, something with solid guitar riffs and strong harmonies. It was a good candidate for our first single, letting people know we are back with new music.
It has a great set lyrics to the new single – can you tell us a little bit about your writing process?
The song was written by Bob, Clint and a great songwriter in Nashville TN, named Chris Wommack. For this EP we wanted to write songs that brought a bit more maturity with them, but also bridge the gab between our albums Chapter One and Submodalities. Myself(Clint) and Bob with guitars in our hands and Chris with a notebook, just throwing ideas out to see what connected with us in the moment. It was a very organic process.
Unlike a lot of bands you all have a family connection and are all in fact brothers! How is it working with one another do you think it is easier or more difficult being part of a band made up entirely of family?
It’s a little bit of both. Its great working together cause we know each other well, but that can also be a challenging thing as well. We are all different people with different tastes, so it’s all about finding a balance between our ideas. When we connect, it’s great…. but that sometimes that takes a lot of time, hahaha.
Is there a new album on the way if so is there any release date or anything you can tell us about it?
There is an EP on the way, with a tentative release in early summer. The best thing to do is follow us on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube for updates on when the exact release will happen.
What is your favourite thing about performing to a live audience? Does the feeling of going on stage ever change or is it still just as exhilarating as the first time you did it?
Performing together will always be a fun and exhilarating experience. Feeling the support and connection with our fans is why we love doing what we do and the reason for the reunion and new EP. I don’t think that feeling will ever change, it just seems to grow stronger.
When I was writing the article Forgotten Pop about The Moffatts, I came across an article that described you band as a group that was meant to bridge the gap of genres between Hanson and Blink-182 : was this a comparison you ever received a lot and if so how did you feel about it?
I’m not sure we ever heard the Moffatts were a bridge between Hanson and Blink 182. I think we just did what we loved and feel blessed that people all over the world connected with what we did. I guess people will always compare bands.
As well as being a huge hit in America and Canada, you also were very well known in Europe – are there any plans to come and visit and do some shows any time soon?
It’s been a very long time since we’ve visited Europe for musical purposes, but I know it’s something we would all love to do. Its just about finding the right opportunity and time to make something like that happen. Right now Scott is producing one of the biggest acts in American Country Music, Bob and Clint will head out on an Endless Summer Tour, and I have a few Yoga engagements. That said, there are plans at this exact moment to tour, but that could all change at any given moment. Hopefully it won’t be too far away!
What way do you think the music industry is heading in 2018? Is there any particular styles of music that you think are going to lead the way this year?
Like everything else in the world, music keeps changing, but I think authenticity will always be in fashion. That’s the path we will go down, appreciating the aspects of whats new, but at the same time, staying true to who we are as musicians.
And finally, in three words, why should people listen to your new single ‘Secrets’ ?

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