The Travel Book- Be Aware, Taxis Sometimes Don’t Play Fair….

With the success of the article about airline passengers, I felt that I would write more articles based on not just areas to visit around the world but with hints and tips too. Travel is such a big thing with lots to think or worry about and sometimes reading advice about things you may not of thought about can be helpful. So some weeks will look at this topic of travel starting with today’s all about taxis.

Now, if there is one thing that you are going to get when you are abroad it’s more then likely a taxi – whether it’s to and from the airport, after a night out, or just because you are feeling lazy. They are a main part of a holiday and for some are a life source. The one thing that I have come to realise a lot when going abroad is that you have to do your research before on everything to do with taxi drivers.

Just because you are new to the area (even in the UK) you can’t these days put your complete and utter trust in the taxi driver because some will try and rip you off, others will try new scams you in new ways you may of never heard of and others may not even know the route (no, really). Lets have a look at a couple of these issues in depth and what you can do to help resolve the situations.

The Driver who gets lost

The Problem – sometimes when you go on holiday the driver will say they don’t know how to get somewhere even though they are a local. This is a lie. They are a taxi driver and they are trying to do this to scam you out of money. This happens both in parts of the UK and abroad. I have had taxi drivers in parts of America saying they don’t know how to get to some of the biggest places, I have had taxi drivers in the U.K. Say they don’t know how to get somewhere EVEN THOUGH they are connected to GPRS and some of them “accidentally” cancel bookings so they can charge more.

The solution – It is a really sad thought that you have to do this but the only way to really get around this is by doing your homework. Before you go anywhere google the route. If the car has been booked by an app with GPRS system screen shot the route the driver is meant to take and sort of learn it so you can pick them up if they go wrong.

The driver who overcharges

The problem – this is a problem that many many people would of come across the most – the being over charged issue. Some drivers (not all I may add) want to get as much money as they can out of you and do this by upping the rate or deliberately taking you the wrong way or a longer route so they make more.

The solution – get smart, be wise, do your research. If there is more then one taxi company in the area find out how much they all charge. If you are using an app make note of how much they charge or are predicted to charge you. Be smart, be wise, be part of the solution.

The driver and the fraud

The problem – there are some fraud scams out there at the moment that you need to be aware of and one of them involves paying by card. Companies, especially those with apps, offer you the option to pay by card and sometimes when you take this offer they can try and make out in the car they will only take cash – this is actually a fraud scam that is happening a lot. By having a company that uses cards through the app it means it’s all virtual money where as cash is in hand and they can go whatever way they please and take all the money they want and pocket some for them self too.

The solution – fight it. Refuse to pay by cash if you are already paying by card – report them.

Written by Holly

Hello! My name is Holly and I am the Editor of The Phoenix Remix. I am a Video Editor in the Television Industry. I write this website as a hobby in my spare time. Comedy and Music run through my veins and I love writing about them both, I adore interviewing acts and always on the lookout for something new!

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