Forgotten Pop

Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Kavana

Today we look at a solo artist that was around in the nineties and since then has appeared regularly on Hollyoaks in 2006 and also appeared in a variety of musicals as well as being part of the pop band supergroup 5th Story that was formed off the back of The Big Reunion season 2. Today we look at the musical background of Kavana.

Kavana, also known as Anthony Kavanagh starteed his commercial music career in 1996 and was signed to the Virgin Record label. He had a lot of singles out in the late nineties that went on to do reasonably well in the charts. His debut song in the charts was the catchy ‘I Can Make You Feel Good’ which went in at number 8. Other singles that followed include MFEO (which reached number 8) Will You Wait For Me ? and Crazy Chance.

Kavana also released two albums, the first one was self titled and was released in 1997 and the second was called Instinct and was released in 1999. HIs debut album reached 29 in the charts, where as the second album did not do as well.

In 2015, Kavana entered the Celebrity Big Brother House and came seventh and in the same year he released the single Deja Vu. So lets have a look at some of his songs this Friday.

I Can Make You Feel Good


Will You Wait For Me?

Crazy Chance

Deja Vu

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