Nostalgic Nineties – Platform Sandals

I was born at the end of the eighties, so I spent a lot of the nineties as a kid and growing up – this means that whilst I have memories of this time they are probably not as strong as the noughties. So in this brand new feature I thought each week we will look at a different toy, trend, or object that was big in the nineties to take a walk down memory lane. Everything these days is all about technology and computers – so I want to explore the stuff that was around that wasn’t all reliant on the technology. So welcome to a new weekly feature where Saturdays just got Nostalgic! Since its the brand new weekly feature we thought we would give you a double bill this week!


It all started by looking at Joeys shoes

I am currently watching the Nineties Teen Drama Dawsons Creek on Channel 4 catch up – I never watched it when I was growing up and it was on Netflix a few years ago but only a few of the seasons and i hate leaving things unfinished so decided to rematch it so i could finish it in its entirety. Anyway, in the early seasons I started to notice something on Joeys feet that looked completely ridiculous which i actually remember being a fashion trend and being a part of it – platform sandals.

They were sandals with a huge strap over the front that you would slip your foot into and the whole show would be on a platform. There were ones that were full of really squishy material (which my nan had and i used to walk around the house all the time in as they felt so, well, squishy!) and then there were the ones that were made of like foamy things – the cheep versions that you would usually get for kids or in kids / teen magazines.

They were the in thing and groups like the Spice Girls wore them all the time as they were the in thing to wear. If you look at a large amount of celebrity photos from the nineties the fashion will have these platform style shoes – especially the sandal. They were everywhere. It’s funny as well because these platform sandals came into fashion again in 2017 and you could actually go out and buy these shoes all over again – funny how things go in circles.

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