INTERVIEW: Ones to Watch in 2018 – Matt Green

If there is one comedian that has had a busy year then it is none other then Matt Green. His show was a sell out at Camden Fringe and next year is set to be another successful year with a brand new show! I spoke to Matt Green about his shows, other comedians, viral tweets and more!

Hello! So how has 2017 been for  you Matt?

In terms of the world, it’s been a pretty dismal experience, watching the twin disasters of Trump and Brexit live down to expectations. Work-wise I’ve had a good year. I’ve been enjoying my gigs and working on more online content. One of my tweets even went viral, and was retweeted by over 7000 people, including J.K. Rowling. So that was interesting!

What’s been some of the highlights of your show for 2017?

I really enjoyed playing the Camden Fringe this year, and selling out my final show and adding extra dates was a great experience. It feels good to think that I’m beginning to build an audience and the promotion is working.

What have been some of your favourite shows by other acts  for this year and why?

I saw some excellent shows in Edinburgh this year on a brief visit. I particularly enjoyed shows from Hannah Gadsby, John Robins, Jordan Brookes, Suzi Ruffell, Mat Ewins, Spencer Jones, Jess Fostekew, Ahir Shah and the spectacular that was Amusical. The solo shows were all very funny but also had interesting stories, brilliant ideas and emotional impact. Amusical was a really fun show and the kind of production that you can only really get at the Fringe. I’ve also enjoyed the work of many colleagues on the circuit. A few highlights would include Matt Price, who is one of the best storytellers out there and can work any room; Joe Bor, whose character Jasper Cromwell Jones is surely a star in waiting, and Rob Deering, who never fails to make me laugh with his infectious silliness and hilarious songs.

What are the plans for Your stand up 2018?

I’m working on a new show, currently titled “These People!” which I’m taking to the festivals in Leicester and Brighton (and other places) in the first part of the year. I haven’t decided yet whether I’ll then take it to Edinburgh or Camden, but it will almost certainly be one of the two. I’m enjoying the material I’m coming up with at the moment, and talking about some of the big issues such as politics, crime and cocktails.

What does the year of 2018 hold for comedy as a whole what do you think will be big changes that will alter comedy for 2019?

There is so much going on in the news that it’s almost difficult to keep up. Trump and Brexit are both going to continue to be huge issues and big sources of comedy, but I also think all the sexual harassment stories and related discussion will have an impact, not just on what people talk about but also on their behaviour off stage. If the comedy world can strive to become a more welcoming and safe place for everyone, especially women, that would be a very positive move. There are so many brilliant women in comedy already, but there is definitely room for more.


• What’s your New Years resolution for 2018?

Make more funny videos and other content to publish online. I’m determined to keep producing more stuff that people can enjoy and share.

• What act are you looking forward to seeing this year?

Not a comedian, but I have tickets to Hamilton and I can’t wait – I’m a big fan of the soundtrack and looking forward to seeing it on stage at last. One of my favourite moments in Amusical was when the “boy band” of Nish Kumar, Ed Gamble, David Morgan and Ed Easton spat a few bars from Hamilton…

• Who would you like to perform with at a show this year and why?

Adam Buxton. I love his podcast and he always puts together fun shows. The same applies to Richard Herring.

In three words what do you wish 2018 does for you?

No more BrexitTrumpGeneralAwfulness

Where do you see your show in a year’s time?

By then I’ll probably have started the next show. Hopefully all about how the world is great now and I suddenly became very rich and famous in 2018. Well, think positively…


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