24 Days of Christmas – Christmas Books

When it comes to the topic of books I had to really think about this as i deliberately don’t read books if they are themed as i tend to find them soppy and really silly. I do however have a few things related to Christmas that are more magazine based so lets talk about those sort of things instead.

When I was a kid there was two booklets I really enjoyed getting around the Christmas period – one of them was the Radio Times and the other was the Argos Catalogue and both of them needed a highlighter. I used to love sitting there and spending time highlighting what I wanted to watch on television or what toys i wanted or liked as I used to find it so much fun and also very exciting. When I was a child it was things like this that made Christmas so much fun – the build up.

Another thing that I loved reading on the build up to Christmas when i was a child was the Christmas Edition of The Beano. I loved the Beano so much and used to love seeing what Rodger the Dodger, Ivy The Terrible, MInnie the Minx and The Bash Street Kids got up to around the festive period. Also a main staple of my christmas present when I was younger was the Beano and Dandy yearly annuals and I used to love these and even had some from charity shops dating back to the seventies that I sold only about 5 years ago on Ebay.

In recent years the one thing that I adore reading at Christmas is cooking magazines – i love baking and I adore reading about all the new and exciting ways to bake something – it makes me really excited because at this time of year you can be very creative with your cooking.

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