FEATURE: The Perfect Dinner Party – Steve Carrell

Whenever you read or hear interviews people are always asked if you could have the perfect dinner party who would you invite living or dead. Well, i decided it was time to turn this into a feature but we are making it one step bigger – The perfect Extravagant Dinner Party, I will not just be picking the people I would want to have dinner with but the chefs and the entertainment as well!
I have given myself some ground rules – there are only 9 places available at the table to join me and there has to be a chef to represent each course and there should be only 4 acts allowed to provide acts allowed to provide entertainment.

At the table already is Donald O’Connor, and musician Tom Delonge and NHL star Marty St. Louis, Charlie Chaplin, animator Peter Lord, Rik Mayall and Bear Grylls. Let’s see who the penultimate guest is.

Dinner Guest 8 – Steve Carrell 

If there is one person in Hollywood that would be at the top of my list for a dinner party then it would be Steve Carrell. I don’t have many reasons for this apart from that he is one of my comedy heroes and just so fun to watch.

The first thing I ever saw him in was Bruce Almighty, I can’t remember what I thought of him then but I knew it took a few films for me to really like him. I can’t remember what film it was that made me start to really like him but I remember finding him great in B*witched. If I am honest, I think it was his character in the office that completely won me over.

Unlike the U.K. Version, as the character developed I saw small bits of me in Michael Scott and started to both sympathise with the character as well as start to really like Steve Carrell. I even started raving about how great Despicable Me is going to be a year before the official trailer and I only saw a teaser that didn’t really tell you what the film was about apart from that it was from a French animation company no one had ever heard of.

It’s not just his acting, I think he is genuinely a really nice person. He is known as the nicest person in Hollywood and I can believe that. Also he is a fellow improviser so would love to get some advise and tips. Jim Carey has always been one of my heroes but Steve is very strong contender for taking the lead.

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