FEATURE: Bartolo Creations: When good ideas don’t go to plan… [Film October] 

Over the years there have been many projects that I have come up with and has had the fun of creating and sometimes have had to lay to rest. A lot of these were really experiments to try new ideas I had and also to help train in new computer programmes – i like to learn as many new technologies that I can and the one way I find the easiest to learn these new programmes is by writing short films to help create them as an exercise.
So today, I am going to take you behind the scene of the projects I am glad I had the ideas for, but either had to scrap because if other commitments or they didn’t turn out as planned.


I had big ideas for this project – I had a really big concept that was something I was really proud of -buuut I decided to do it when I was trying to learn After Effects. Which at the time seemed a great idea but I am very keen on pushing myself and this was a very complex project do had to axe it. I do a lot of animation now 5 years later and it’s my part of my career so I feel I should really revisit this.

Since I have a lot of dreams it sort of came from there and delved into the world of dreams and the way your inner consciousness can create very vivid dreams that mess and mix with reality and emotions. I will revisit it one day!


This was a project that I did and completed but it didn’t really come out the way I wanted – firstly because the audio messed up and secondly it seemed a better concept written down then in reality.
My favourite term is pathetic fallacy and I wanted to use it as a play on words for a production that was artsy and also meant something.
The idea was that the whole short film was about a guy finding out when he proposed that his girlfriend had been cheating on him – the use of camera angles and split screens (which I was learning at the time for editing) would create a stylistic effect that would Make the audience question the reality in which they were in. See on paper it sounds ok – in reality, well…

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