INTERVIEW / SHOW OF THE WEEK – Slattery Night Fever, London Improv Theatre 

This week is the Third opening night for the show Slattery Night Fever, which welcomes back the legendary improviser Tony Slattery to the scene.

The shows are taking place at London Improv Theatre and this weeks show (Saturday 28th) is set to have a spooky Halloween theme. I sat down with the Founder of the Theatre, Jake Lyons to find out more about this exciting event!

Hello Jake, tell us a little bit about yourself !

I fell in love with Impro many years ago whilst training as actor. As a director and a teacher Impro has always proved a beneficial rehearsal tool. I teach, direct and facilitate Improv including founding LiveWired ( and founded the London Improv Theatre.

What’s the time Day and price of your show?

Slattery Night Fever is the latest offering from The London Improv Theatre and fits nicely into the programme of varied shows which includes, Sketch, Stand Up, Jazz, Magic, Music, Theatre and of course Comedy Improv. Slattery Night Fever has a weekly show throughout Oct, Nov and Dec. Doors for evenings shows open at 7.00 PM with private bar and food served. Uniquely the theatre is cabaret style, with seating around candle lit tables where you can eat and drink during the evening and show. Tickets are £10 in advance.

Photo Credit: Jake Lyons

Tell us all about Slattery Night Fever? 

Slattery Night Fever marks the very welcome return of Tony Slattery to the London Improv scene. The show is faced paced with a mixture of short and long form. There is a core team and each show special guests join the cast.

Who are the other improvisers that are appearing with Tony? 

The troupe are :

Lesley Ann Albiston: (Theatresports, Founding member of Grand Theft Impro, Spontaneous Combustion.)
Alan Marriott : (Grand Theft Impro, Will Shakespeare’s Impro Musical Showstopper!, The Comedy Store Players
Tony Slattery: Amongst his many Film & TV credits, Just a Minute, Comedy Store Players… and star of Whose Line is it Anyway?
Music by Sandra-Mae Luykx. Also Stand Up comedian Neil Cole.
Special guests include: Richard Vranch, Charlotte Gittens, Dylan Emery, Suki Webster, Lee Simpson and more.

How did the show and the return of Tony Slattery to improv come about? 

Tony appeared in the hugely successful 2017 Edinburgh Festival run of the live ‘Whose Line is it Anyway? shows and when Lesley Albiston approached me in launching this London run, I jumped at the opportunity. It’s a great team and such a joy to watch.

For you personally Jake, what have been some of your favourite improv scenes that you have seen Tony Slattery perform in the past? 

Yes, I was remember Tony along with a host of other Improv greats from the TV shows…. however one of my favourite moments is from just last weeks show when Tony played a ‘Shakespeare quoting feminist golfer.’

The London Improv Theatre has only been opened just over a year – tell us about some of the highlights? 

So pleased that we have successfully created a new intimate creative venue full of artistic energy. The space is in constant use with classes, courses, rehearsals and shows.

There is now a virtual reality environment that allows stand up comedians and improvisers to perform to a virtual audience. What is you thoughts on this and what other ways do you think technology will change the comedy format? 

I am striving to keep theatre, comedy, Improv, music and variety acts accessible and ‘LIVE’ Anything that assist and helps create interest in that effort is welcome!

If people want to find out more about you where can they find you on social media? 

It’s all here:

Finally in three words – why should people come and see the Slattery Night Fever? 

It’s great fun!

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