SCI Fi CORNER: Chapter 1 – On to the breach…

Welcome to our brand new feature – Sci Fi Corner – Kieran has a love for all things related to space and is going to take us on a journey that we won’t ever forget. 




All things change…

The year is 4317, Earth has been destroyed by war, the human race is now spread among the galaxy.
“… Can you see it…”,

“ It’s on my screen. It has a very faint power signature, barely registering. No visual contact yet”

“Keep looking, you should be right on top of…”




“Commander Report”

“….” Static “….”

“…..” Static “….”

Why won’t they answer. The time passing is way too long. Maybe what they found crippled them. It’s only speculation but maybe its a mine from a forgotten time. Wouldn’t be the first one we have found over the years.

“Recovery team to opps, do you read”,

Finally a message

“Go ahead, what’s your status”

“ We are all still here!.. Sir you won’t believe what we have found. It appears to be an escape pod. We are bringing it aboard now. The power in the pod is all but gone. We are going to try to hook her to a portable power supply to regulate power. Sir! There is someone alive in the pod. The initial scans show….. he is human”

There was a pause from the commander.

“All Hands, Alert Stations-1, Medical prepare to receive a guest, Security, Containment procedure Delta-5 in docking Bay 1. Make sure that bay is cleared of all personnel. Recovery team DO NOT OPEN that pod”

The crew on the bridge rushed into action, the lights dimmed as the alert status flashed up on some monitors with a klaxon ringing loudly.

“This is medical, what are we receiving”

“We believe its human, they are in what looks like to be an escape pod, the retrieval team are on their way back, docking bay 1”


“Helm, whats their ETA?”

“At their current speed 19 minutes 47 seconds”

The commander looked down and muttered under his breath, not good enough, we need to know whats on that pod. Could it be someone lost from our past. I must know

“Helm, plot an intercept course, make sure docking bay 1 is aligned with their trajectory”

“Aye Sir”

“Recovery team, we are on our way to you”


We see the ship. Long and slim, Black in design, almost like an arrow. The engine fire up with a warm blue glow as she heads towards the recovery team which is a tiny flee in comparison to the size of the ship.

“Recovery team to bridge, Sir the power is failing on the pod, an emergency protocol is activating, Im not su…”

“Recovery team report…”


“Sir they are still in sensors and heading towards us and accelerating”

“Recovery team Report”


On the recovery ship we see the escape pod in a small landing bay, it looks like a bullet from a pistol, a smooth coned head, long sleek body with a small thruster at the rear.

The pod is making all sorts of noises, mostly what sounds like depressuring release valves. Lots of smoke starts to bellow from various ports on the pod. With a swoosh, one side of the pod opens. When the smoke clears we see one male sitting in a chair with lots of panels around him. He looks frozen, with white crystal flakes all over his body.

The smoke clears, the recovery look upon him with amazement

“Bio hazard, get those masks”

“Sir its too late”

“Seal the room”

With a woosh the doors leading to the bay seal with red lights flashing above them. A display above the door flashes Quarantine in effect

“Is he alive?”

An orange light appears above the mans body, flushing up and down, flicking. His frozen crystal skin starts to change colour to a more natural pinky brown.

You hear something charging, a blue pulse lights up the mans body as he flinches, arching his back, before falling back into the seat. A moment passes. He takes his first breath. Coughin he starts to move. The crew on the deck look at him in amazement with murmuring, he is alive.

A security officer pulls out a weapon and points it nervously at the man. He sits up blinking, confused.

“Where… Where am I?”

There is a pause when someone speaks up

“You are in an escape pod, you are on a recovery ship”

“How long have I been out, computer…. Computer”

All the lighting fails inside the pod almost plunging him into darkness.

“What do you remember?”

“My ship was attacked, I gave the order to abandon ship, I almost didn’t make it to the pod, what year is this?”

“Its 4317”

The man looks up in shock.

“Wha… what. No No that can’t be right, that can’t be right. Carol”

The man falls to the floor passing out. One of the medical team heads over to him to check his vitals. As he rolls him over he see’s the badge on his flight suit. It reads U.S.S Odossy, 2247.

“That means… he was on one of the last Earthships in the final battle… over 2000 years ago”

“Get us to the Orion and patch me through to the bridge”



The next chapter coming soon…

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