The Games That Time Forgot – Eye Toy: Play, Playstation 2

There was a time before augmented reality and oculus Rift where Playstation 2 tried to bring the camera into gaming and although some games were fun it wasn’t all that it was hyped up to be. There was a game tat came with the actual action which is what we are going to look at today – Eye Toy: Play. 

The game was released in 2003 and was published by Sony Computer Entertainment and Developed by SCE London Studio. It was the first game to make use of the Playstation’s video camera accessary and came with the camera when you purchased it.

The game was a variety of mini games that you could either play alone or in multiplayer status. It was the home to a number of mini games where you had to interact with the objects with your body to make them work. Some of the games included Slapstream, Keep Ups, Plate Spinner, Beat Freak, Kung Foo and Mirror Time.

The game received relatively positive reviews from the critics and even won three game awards.

I used to have an eye toy and I had this game – when I look back at it, I used to enjoy playing it when I could be bothered to set it up but that’s really what it was. You had to be in the mood to play the game and physically use your body. Whilst it was a great concept and I had fun playing it when I did, I never played with it as much as I should of because it was the effort of doing something that was different to regular gaming.

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