The Comedians that never were – Michael Keaton

He is an award winning actor and has taken huge roles such as Birdman, Batman and even appears in the new Spider-Man film but there was a time when Michael Keaton dabbled in the world of stand up comedy.

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon Michael mentions that he started out doing stand up comedy when he first moved to New York. He also goes on to discuss that he had a set of jokes that were working for him but decided to mix it up and be a “wacky guy” and try and use props because at the time – only Steve Martin was doing this. He stopped doing stand up as it didn’t pan out and he felt it wasnt for him.

In 1982, Michael appeared at An Evening at the Improv. He also appeared on the HBO charity show Comic Relief. According to reviews at the time his stand up wasn’t very successful. For example Rolling Stones says that he wasn’t “very good at stand up.”

So here is a clip of Michael performing some of his routine.

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