How Improv Changed Their Life – Emma McIntosh

Welcome to part 2 of our new feature looking at improv. Now it’s not just me who has had their life changed by improv, many people have and we are going to hear their stories!

Today we hear from Emma, part of the Newcastle Improv scene and has done lots of shows both short form and Long form.  


Photo Credit – School of Improv 

I first discovered improv when I was a kid watching “whose line is it anyway?”. I’ve always loved that style of comedy intelligent but silly at the same time. I don’t come from an acting background, even though I love theatre, dance, comedy, I just never really had the opportunity to give it a go. Until now! How I came about doing it is actually not that wonderful. But don’t worry this has a happy ending.

Early 2015 I was in a bad place mentally. I was having regular counselling sessions to deal with anxiety and depression. My confidence and self esteem were an all time low. During this time I was listening to some podcasts and the words “improv school” kept coming up during interviews with comedians and comedic actors. So I popped those words in to Google and would you believe it, improv classes right on my doorstep! I decided to go, petrified, but deciding to push myself. It was exhilarating, silly, fun and empowering! I did a couple more classes but with work, and things I had to deal with, I didn’t go back until the new year. As a sort of resolution to myself.

Photo Credit – School of Improv 

I remember saying how I would never perform. Well that changed! Ha! Under the wing of Ian and Bev, my confidence has blossomed and I feel so much more free. This radiates into my work and relationships. I just feel like I have more fun in life. We all have that inner critic but that voice is somewhat quieter. I do still get nerves before a show but I think it’s possibly more excitement than fear!
Joining the improv community has not just helped me personally but is a wonderful environment to meet likeminded people of all ages and backgrounds. I’ve made some great friends and it’s wonderful to know that there are people out there who can be as silly as I am! I would highly recommend it to everyone.
If you have an Improv story you want to share please get in contact we would love to hear it!

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