The Comedians that never were – Simon Pegg

Last week we spoke about his Star Trek buddy, Chris Pine so it’s only right that we talk about the dear actor who has played a part in writing the latest film making him witty on screen. Back before the films, the blockbusters, the aliens the zombies Simon Pegg dabbled in the world of stand up comedy. 

Stand up comedy is where Simons career started and what lead to his successful television and film career. He started doing stand up at university and kept doing it in 1993 when he moved to London. From the beginning Pegg wanted to be an actor but wanted to do it his way so started writing his own material and aimed to “break the stand up comedy circuit.” Whilst he was at university he was part of a comedy troupe with David Walliams, Dominick Diamond and Jason Bradbury called David Icke and the Orphans of Jesus.

Not long after moving to London he started working on the TV show called Six Pairs of Pants – where he met Edgar Wright and the story of his career properly began. So whilst Simon never kept with the stand up, here is a clip of him and his routine and what could of been if he took the other route.

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