Travel vs the Comedian – Russell Howard & Mum: USA Road Trip

The most recent trend in the travel show is to attach a comedy to it and there are so many – some serious, some spoofs, some that are the dynamics of an actual scripted comedy and others because they were one big practical joke! Travel Thursdays have just got bigger as we are now adding a comedic spin on it where we are looking at the comedian versus the travel. This week we look at a travel show that was a hit for Comedy Central and is returning soon with a second series – Russell Howard and Mum: USA Road Trip. 

The first season aired on 19th October 2016 on Comedy Central and followed the adventures of comedian Russell Howard and his mum Ninette as they go on an adventure around the United States of America. Throughout Russell Howards stand up career, he has always mentioned his mother and had some funny and quirky stories about his family.

The show sees the duo travel across America as they meet people with unusual hobbies and obsessions such as meeting people who are into UFOs, another to meet  group of Hip Hop artists and another to experience demolition Derby.

The show is a fun and entertaining show to watch with a hint of Russell Howard theme riding throughout. Here are some clips from season 1.

Mums Got A Gun

Grafitti Artist

Pervy Ghostbusters

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