This Friday is all about Dead Drunk Detective!

Are you looking for something a bit different to do this Friday night? Then why not go along to a recording of a comedy improv podcast at the Leicester Square Theatre.

Dead Drunk Detective is a zombie comedy noir. The podcast follows a detective who is not just drunk but is a zombie as well!

This time round they are recording season 2. To hear season 1 you can visit

Brendan Way, creator and writer of the podcast spoke to us about the show:

“Each week, we have Detective Johnny Stumbles solving crimes in a district where the suspects are literally monsters. So he’s met The Devil, the Bogeyman, Dracula. In the new series, he meets Frankenstein. Basically the series is like the monster movie crossovers Universal are trying to make, but with more puns.”

The show starts at 7pm and costs £7 for tickets. There is also another recording at the end of the month as well.

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