Travel vs The Comedian – Nick Helm Eat Your Heart Out

It is really hard to reinvent the genre of food and travel shows however the new show on the Dave called eat your heart out with Nick Helm has certainly tried to give it a fresh and revitalised feel.
The show which started on Dave last week sees comedian Mick go to various food restaurants and street vendors to try the dishes and also see how they are cooked. Along the way he travels all around Europe as well as have food with some of the U.K.’s best comedic talent and also professional chefs.
The show takes a different turn compare it to other food travel shows as there is also a scripted narration that is the base factor of the show. The scripted part of the show will be familiar to fans of the BBC comedy uncle as it follows a similar character basis for Nick.
It is very different to other travel food shows however it is fun and entertaining to watch and Will be a show that you will definitely want to try. The show is every Thursday at 8 PM on the channel Dave. You can watch the episodes from last week on their catch up app.

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