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The Travel Book – Sulphur Springs, Soufriere, St Lucia

​If you go to the Carribbean Island of St Lucia, there is a hidden gem that you must visit while you are there – no it is not the Pitons but the Volcano called Sulphur Springs. Located to the Southwestern side of the Island near Soufriere, Sulphur Springs is the worlds only ‘drive in Volcano’.

The Volcano receives thousands of tourists each year who want to go to this unique experience as you are allowed to drive up to the edge of the springs and walk around a tourist based track around it. Up until the 1990s you used to be able to walk up really close to the tar covered pits, however disaster struck when a tour guide fell through the crust and received second degree burns to just above his waist. This area of the volcano is now called Gabriels Hole and you can still view it but from a viewing platform a lot further away.

The one thing you will notice when you visit Sulphur Springs is the initial hit of the smell that completely  consumes you as soon as you enter its remit. It is strong and pungent and is something that you will not forget in a rush.

If you are wanting to have more of a relaxed time visiting the Sulphur Springs, then there is another huge tourist attraction a few hundred yards away that is connected to the volcano. There is a set of mud baths that are still hot from the springs however, they are cool enough for people to pay and have a md bath which has lots of nutrients which are meant to be good for the body. This is another tourist attraction that gains a lot of tourists each year.

Sulphur Springs is somewhere you should defeinitely put on your list of places to visit when you are in St Lucia as it is truly fascinating being that close to an active volcano and allows you to appreciate the beasts they actually are.

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