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Forgotten Pop! – This week – S Club Juniors

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 20.02.59This week we look at a group that was called one thing and then when the original group broke up they changed the last part of their group to 8 instead. Yes, this week we look at a group that was formed as part of a reality television show – S Club Juniors.

S Club Juniors was around for four years between 2001-2004 and the group were formed through a television show on CBBC. The group which was made up of Aaron, Stacey, Jay, Daisy, Calvin, Rochelle, Hannah and Frankie were a success on the children television channel, so much so that S Club 7’s management decided that they should perform as a support act at all the venues on the S Club 7 tour.

At the end of the tour, the group had created a following and were signed as a real pop group. They released their first official which was called “One Step Closer”. The single was promoted by the CBBC television show S Club Junior: The Story. The single sold in the excess of 250,000 copies.

The second single that was released was called ‘Automatic High’ and sold 52,000 when it was released. Their third single was called ‘New Direction’ and reached number 2 in the UK Charts. Their debut album was released on the 21st October and was called Together.

On the S Club 7 Tour in 2003 it was announced that S Club Juniors would be re-naming themselves S Club 8 and released a single straight away called “Fool No More” They had a few more singles off their new album Sundown and it reached number 13 in the charts. This album even though it did relatively well was seen as a failure by the record label. It received mix reviews from critics as they didn’t like the new mature approach from the group.

In 2004 the group released another album called Welcome to Avalon Heights which had a single off it called I Dream. This came from a show where the group created an assemble around a summer school called Avalon Heights which starred Christopher Lloyd. The music and the album failed and lead to the break up of S Club 8.

One Step Closer

Automatic High

New Direction


Fool No more

Don’t Tell Me Your Sorry 

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