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Forgotten Pop! – This Week: Friday Hill

​Last week we looked at the career of Blazin’ Squad and the short lived career they tried to save. This week we continue our look at the gang by looking at the group that followed next and had less success then the original group Friday Hill

In 2005, a few members of the group Blazin Squad, Strider, Flava and Kenzie signed a record deal with Polydor records and formed the group Friday Hill. The reason they were called this was because it was a location from their hometown of Chingford.

Their first single was released near the end of 2005 and was called ‘Baby Goodbye’ and did releatively well in the UK charts and reached number 5 and sold over 80,000 copies. In february 2006 they released their second single “One More Night” which reached only numbner 13 in the charts. They also released their debut album in this month calle Times Like These and sadly did worse then the second Blazin’ Squad album and only reached 67 in the album charts. This meant that they were dropped by their label.

So today, lets look at the few singles that were made of the new formed group and what could of been.

Baby Goodbye

One More Night 

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