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The Travel Book – Porto Moniz, Madeira

If you find yourself on the portuguese island of Madeira then there is one place that you have to visit is  place called Porto Moniz. Set in the North West of the island, if you are based in Funchal and you don’t drive you will have a major issue getting to this place unless you book yourself onto an excursion as there is hardly any public  transportation on the island so you will have difficulty getting there.

If you do manage to book an excursion or have the ability to drive then you are in for a treat as this is truly one of the most beautiful places in the whole of Madeira. The one thing that makes this place such a high tourist area is the natural swimming pools. There are loads of rocks near the coast that have build these natural holes that people use to go swimming in whilst they watch the rough sea around them wash against the outside areas.

The village of Porto Moniz is very quaint but built predominantly to handle the tourist season with little cafes and a few hotels along the beach. There are lots of areas explore among the rocks if you don’t fancy swimming and many people go rock pooling or walk to explore the surrounding coast. There is also a miniature aquarium right near the coast as well but be warned it is very tiny and really not worth the money they are charging.


If you do get to visit madeira then this is one of the areas that you must visit as it really is a hidden treasure and if the area itself doesn’t amaze you then the drive through the mountainous roads to get there sure will.

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  1. Love the pictures, I only went to Lisbon in Portugal so it’s a shame I didn’t get to see other parts of the country…happy travels!


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