Yes And… part 18 – Sheldon Cooper

This weeks lesson was hosted by another one of Carleens fellow improvisers from C3Something – Will. It was all about the introductions to scenes before the big build up and making them silly and to the extreme.

We started off the lesson playing the warm ups games we played last week with Shem – stretching and telling a random fact about our day, We then played a version of the super hero game where you say your name and a superhero name. As we were playing this more new faces came in so we did the superhero game again and then the stretches game again. After we stretched we then had to make a trailer out of the dull things we did that day.


We then did a game similar to Carleen where we formed lines and then had to say a few lines of dialogue to create the who what where of a scene. Once we did this we then did a game called Roboting. This is when you start a scene with you partner and instead of playing a long you make it into a sentence what the scene would be about. For Example:

P1 – I am a Doctor

P2 – I am a Surgeon

P1 – We are in a hospital

P2 – We are about to do an operation on a patient

P1 – I am feeling nervous about doing the operation

P2 – I am feeling excited about doing the operation and curing the patient.


After doing this we were introduced to what this weeks lesson was about – starting a scene. The idea was to play out scenes as real to life as you possibly can and as soon as any sparks in the conversation then you scene was cut – as the aim was to see how far you can get into a scene without the crazy coming out and we were meant to focus on the crazy later on but never did.


The next bit of scene work was about someone telling a true story about their life and then recreating it as close to the truth as you can. I did not like this scene game at all as I didn’t like it and felt in the world of Improv that is was uninspiring. Whilst it’s a good thing to do to build up your strength in starting a scene i wasn’t a fan of it.


We did a game to get into the mind set of interacting with scenes which was called Lets Go To The. In this game we were creating scenes as a group and then playing in them focussing on different areas with different actions relevant to that scene.


After doing this game we then did normal scenes where you work with a suggestion from the audience and then start a scene. The idea of the scene was that you are on a date  and are not allowed to say things that are too out of the ordinary you have to work with the word given and then try and make normal conversation around it. Whenever the scene gets too exciting and it peaks a bit the scene ends.


To have a break in between the scene games we played a round of Mind Melt – the game where you need words to match up when you think of them randomly. I like the version that I did with Improbable better as it had a lot more energy and a cool snazzy song.


The next thing we did is sort of the format of a Long Form style where you play  a constant scene and one person will get tagged out from time to time and then a different scene will happen – a bit like freeze tag but they follow on from each other.


I didn’t really enjoy this weeks lesson, it wasn’t the sort of games and scene work i enjoy, but Will was a nice guy and i feel bad for judging his class so harshly but it just wasn’t the sort of lesson for me – it was a bit like Marmite. I would still say the same thing if it was Carleen teaching the same thing.


Case Study – Sheldon Cooper


This weeks lesson really reminded me of this episode of The Big Bang Theory  when Amy tries and helps Sheldon with his Closure issues. The thing i found most frustrating about this weeks lesson was the fact that you couldn’t finish a scene. As soon as it was starting to get interesting the scenes we cut and it was so annoying. It made you feel like that when the lesson was over you should be able to go through all the scenes again to see what would’ve happened.


I found it so irritating that you weren’t allowed to finish the scene – whilst it was interesting to see how a scene can flare, i don’t think it is a lesson i want to do again.

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