Forgotten Pop

Forgotten Pop! – This Week : Aaron Carter

Today we look at the less famous musician of the Carters and who caused quite a stir in the late nineties / early 2000s for cheating on Hilary Duff. Yes, Today we look at Nick from Backstreet Boy Younger sibling, Aaron. He still has a music career and is still releasing albums, so we will have a look at the beginning of his career in the late nineties.


Nick began his music career at the young age of seven as the lead singer of Dead End a local band in Tampa. He left the band as he was interested in pursuing a career in pop and not rock music. He opened for the Backstreet Boys in 1997 where he did a cover of The Jets song Crush on You. This lead to him gaining a record contract and releasing Crush on You as his first single. In the same year he released his debut album which achieved gold status in many countries as well as the USA.


The second album that he released was call Aarons Party (Come and Get it) and was released in 2000 under the record label Jive. The album did incredibly well and sold three million copies in the USA alone! The album was the home to hits such as ‘i want Candy’, ‘Aarons Party (come and get it) ‘Thats how i Beat Shaq” and ‘Bounce’. He became a face for Nickelodeon and his music appeared a lot on the channel. He also did many openings of concerts including Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears.


In this time, he started dating Hilary Duff and even appeared in Lizzie McGuire. The last album we are gong to discuss is his second album released in 2001 called Oh Aaron which had a duet with his older Brother Nick on it. Around this time when the album was released an action figure of Aaron was also put on sale as well. Aaron is still releasing music and his most recent album is called LOVE and was released February 10th of this year. So lets have a look at Aarons roots to get us by this Friday afternoon.

I want Candy

Aarons Party (Come and Get it)

Crush on You



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