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The Travel Book – Geiranger, Norway

Its spring, the sun is shining and you want to visit a place of natural beauty where there is loads of places to walk / hike/ sun bathe and enjoy the fantastic views around you. If you have the money to jet off or cruise off to Norway then you really need to visit Geiranger.

Now, when I went to this breathtaking area of natural beauty, I went via a cruise and would really recommend that you visit this area in the same way – many cruise ships stop in this location and you only need to search it online to find this information. The reason you should travel to this area by boat is that the fjord and the general entrance into this area is so beautiful – there is nothing better then waking up at like 6am and seeing these amazing natural waterfalls surrounding you and the ship that you are in. It really is one of those bucket list moments.

If you are prepared to visit Geiranger then there is two things that you must make sure you have on you as a necessity – hiking boots and a bottle of water. Whilst there are great views from the bottom where the ship comes in as well as a few nice places to look at, the best views and experiences can be placed at the top of the hills as there is so much to see – be prepared for steep slopes though as it is quite a raise in the height.

If you do however get to reach the top of the hills by following the footpaths you will not be disappointed as the view are amazing and truly worth the walk. The pathways are also delighting to walk down as you are welcomed by quirky road signs and little farms. One of the best things about Geiranger is some of the fantastic waterfalls you end up walking past – at the midway point of the hill there is a massive waterfall that is so impressive to watch in all its force and really makes you admire the noise it makes in this wonderful peace and quiet environment.

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