“Stop rising, I am nearly at the end of the level!” – I was very young when I used to play Noah’s Ark on the Nintendo Entertainment System but i can still remember the sense of frustration that the raising waters always brought and that moment when you drowned.

Now, I have no idea where we got this game and I remember I used to play this a lot when I was a little child, i had no interest in the fact it was based on a Bible story, instead i used to be way more concerned about beating the platform game before the water got too high.

The game Noah’s Ark was created by Source Research and Development and published by Konami in 1992. It was the only game based on the bible that was officially approved by Nintendo as it was only loosely based on the story.

The aim of the game was to rescue different animals of the world by visiting all the continents. The opening of the game was always something that even as a child i thought was a little silly and that was the opening of the first level in Europe. There is a little opening sequence on the first round that shows two rabbits in love on an unstable platform with spikes underneath and then suddenly a man in armor appears and scares one of the rabbits to death and then captures the other one. Then a load of ducks start to fall from the sky and land on the raising water.

Just like many of the SNES games, this was also a side scrolling platform game where the aim was to get to the end of the level to save the animals before the water drowns you.Each continent had three stages and the whole game had 21 levels in total, the last level of each round would have a main boss that the player would have to defeat.

The game was easy to control and you would use the buttons to both jump and fire ammo at the villains such as crabs, snails and worms. Each level also had a bonus round where you could collect more silver squares, which to me always looked like miniature televisions. At the end of each level, there was an evil plug ( which i always thought looked like an angry kite), that you would have to shoot many times to kill. Once the plug creature was dead the water would fall and there would be lots of fruit and vegetables falling from the sky.

The music whilst it was mono had quite a cheerful song to it that was repetitive and catchy to the player. When you got to the end of the level the music would change to be more dramatic as you had to kill off the evil drain plug.

I haven’t played this game since i was about 8 years old so I cannot remember how far I got in terms of completion of the game, but due to its lack of save points I can only guess that I didn’t get very far. I only remember the levels up to the third Continent, South America as it was quite difficult to avoid the rising waters and like I said at the beginning it became very frustrating.

This article was originally written by The Phoenix Remix Editor for the website of Nerd HQ for the beginning of this year.