The Games That Time Forgot – Oh Mummy, Amstrad CPC

There was a time when Computer Games where not accessible online, on a CD or on a cartridge, instead they were on a cassette that you would put into the keyboard an wait for it to load the pixelated joy that was called a computer game back in the eighties. For todays Forgotten Game we are heading back to 1984 and the release of the game Oh Mummy.

The game Oh Mummy was released in 1984 on the Amstrad CPC and the ZX Spectrum. It was a game developed by Gem Software and published by Amsoft. It as a one player game in the genre of Arcade Maze Game.

Oh Mummy was released as one of the free games that came with the Amstrad CPC when you bought it and was based on the format of the Pac Man Games. The game was based on a style of grid format where there were 13 rectangles placed around the square that the hero of the game would have to walk around whilst avoiding the Mummies. The aim of the game was to unveil all the treasure in the ‘tombs’ by walking around the rectangles in the maze to open them to try and find the tomb and the key. The character would leave footsteps so you could see where you have been and where you needed to go to finish the level.

When a rectangle had been walked around fully, it would either reveal a scroll, mummy, key or tomb and sometimes, nothing at all! If you opened a rectangle with a scroll it meant that you were able to kill one of the mummies by walking up to them. As you passed levels, the difficulty and the speed of the mummies increased. The music in the game was based on children’s songs such as The Streets of Cairo or the Poor Little Country Maid.

Even though the game play was basic and the music wasnt the greatest, it was considered as one of the better games for the Amstrad in the early years of the console. Whilst it could be played by letters on the keyboard, many people used a joystick for easier gameplay.

There was no prequels or sequels to the game, however, there are modern versions of this game on the app store that someone has created so you can re-live the fun of the eighties and the simplicity that it welcomes to the player.

This article was originally written by The Phoenix Remix Editor for the website of Nerd HQ for the beginning of this year. 

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