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The Travel Book – Blejski Grad (Bled Castle), Slovenia

If you are travelling to Slovenia anytime soon then there is one area that you must visit and one attraction that you must spend time having a look at and that is Blejsku Grad, also known in English as Bled Castle.


Bled Castle from a distance

Based in the North East are of the country, near the cities of Kranj and Jesenice, Bled Castle is one of the oldest castles in the country. Records go back to 1011 when it was first written about in a document. The castle is known worldwide for its location as it is at the edge of a cliff above the glacial lakes. The lake is known for its little island in the middle that is accessible by the boat stations that are dotted around the lake.

The castle has two courtyards on different levels which people have used for such things as weddings and Medieval performances. The castle itself it home to a wine cellar, printing works, Herbal gallery and a restaurant.



The island in the middle of the lake

At the top courtyard there is a chapel that dates back to the 16th century and also a museum where you can explore the history of the castle and the area of Bled. If the castle is not enough to amaze you, then have your breath taken away at the views that you can see from the courtyards do it for you instead.


One of the views from Bled Castle courtyard

The view of the lake and the surrounding areas is a sight that will not be forgotten in an instant and it will be something that you remember on years to come.

Based on a visit to Slovenia in 2015


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