Comedy Book Corner – Dave Gorman’s Google Whack! Adventure, Dave Gorman

img_3466Open up a new page on your web browser and try and find a Google Whack and if you are successful email that person to tell them that they are a Google Whack. Have no idea as to what i am talking about? Then you may need to read this book but before you do let me explain what a Google Whack actually is.

Back in the 2000s when the internet was a newish place, you could type in two random words onto the search engine Google and only one website would come up, if this happened then that was a Google Whack hit and then you would email the person and tell them that they are a Google whack! Before you read anymore – try and find a Google Whack hit – in the modern day society this is a lot harder then it was when the internet was new and shiny-ish.

This book was written around 2002, so some may think that it is out of date to read, but it is actually fun and entertaining even if you are not a fan of comedian Dave Gorman. Ever wondered what makes comic Gorman so unique? It is his interesting outlook of life and the random tasks that he takes on and the great lengths that he will go to win a bet.

In this book his fellow friend, also called Dave Gorman (who he meets in a another bet in the book Are You Dave Gorman?) challenges him to meet in person ten Googlewacks in a row. This book is all about that adventure and the great lengths that he goes to, to meet ten in a row by travelling to all corners of the world.

If you are looking for a book that is fun to read, addictive and also exciting then this is the book for you as it goes through many twist and turns and you continously find yourself rooting for Gorman to complete his bet.

Readibility Rating – 7/10

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